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Jeevan ki Umang is a ngo save environment in ghaziabad. working on socio-environmental issues. Since 2016, Jeevan ki Umang Foundation provides leadership and encourages partnership in preserving the environment by inspiring, informing peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising from generations to generations.

Over the years, it has steadily grown and established itself in the field of environment especially encouraging public participation in environmental decision making processes.

Jeevan ki Umang environment NGO In ghaziabad is founded to enhance green cover and conservation of environment, to rehabilitate natural resources, and to prevent depletions of environment. It is run by a group of young dynamic, energetic and green environment lover.

We believe in effective results. We believe that we can preserve our natural environment through natural resources. We work for sustainable development for better future. Our main objectives have always been to increase result oriented development for good life.

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Jeevan ki Umang Foundation is willing to co-operate with individuals, corporate houses, educational or non educational institutions, social groups and communities, NGOs, social entrepreneurs or anyone who is interested in saving the environment in our county.

Jeevan Ki Umang is an a ngo save environment in ghaziabad. This organization works to save and spread the environment by the help of multiple activities and campaigns. Jeevan Ki Umang also runs a number of programs to guide people about the importance of nature. Some of the programs run by the NGO include tree planting, waste segregation initiatives, and also by the help of awareness campaigns about climate change and global warming.

The organization also helps people and their families who are affected by environmental disasters such as floods and droughts. Jeevan Ki Umang is one of the leading environment NGOs in Ghaziabad and has been working towards protecting the environment for over 10 years.

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