Population control bill


Population control bill seems to be a spectacular  tool to empower  the nation and Jeevan ki Umang Foundation is conventionally working in awakening people regarding effects of overpopulation.

In today’s world, the population is a major cause of all the problems. It could be health and hygiene, shortage of food, increasing pollution, and verse affected climatic condition or other.

India is also leading with this disease and getting liable to other countries for resources. As we can observe all natural resources are not renewable some of they are non-renewable and those resources are depleting faster than regenerating which is compelling us to take those resources from other countries at high prices.

As per the ongoing situation, it is always quoted that in future India will be soon projected as world overpopulated nation which will drag the country into poverty and this will further drag us into illiteracy, unemployment, and inflation.

Being evident to such alarming situation and growing statics where the world population in 2021 has reached 7.9 billion of which only India is contributing to 1.39 billion. The Indian government has started awakening people and taking precautions to control the population explosion before it is too late.

In Indian the highest populated state is UP, which only contains 24.1 crore population, this made the UP government think regarding the overpopulation problem and take a strong  step so that people can understand the effects of overpopulation and take safety measures.

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