Top 5 Gau Seva NGOs in Delhi NCR

gau seva NGOs

In this blog you will Discover the some leading Gau Seva NGOs in Delhi NCR, and how they are making a difference in their communities. Learn about their efforts.

Jeevan ki Umang Foundation

The foundation’s aim is to support as many cattle as possible according to the principles of species-appropriate husbandry. It is not economically viable to keep cows when a dairy farmer is no longer producing milk at a time when economic profit is seen as a top priority in most initiatives. It is considered more cost-effective to separate calves from their mothers and feed calves with milk supplements. There, cows can no longer graze and are confined to overcrowded barns and fed to polished concrete floors. This unnatural and restricted life creates pain and suffering.

The Jeevan ki Umang Foundation’s goal is to eliminate the harmful effects of this inhumane and unnatural treatment. The Jeevan ki Umang Foundation raises funds and provides knowledge to help farmers, agricultural projects and animal shelters care for their cattle in a compassionate, thoughtful and humane way. These holistic principles have been practised by many ancient cultures that have relied on sustainable animal husbandry from generation to generation. was doing. They understand the fundamental unity that underlies all life, plant, animal and human, and know that the care and rearing of cattle is essential to maintaining the health, balance and well-being of human society. It is the need of our time to fully activate these humane and compassionate principles for the care and welfare of cattle and society.

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Hathyogi Gau Shala in Surajkund, Faridabad, Delhi

Hathyogi Gau Shala in Faridabad, Delhi is one of the leading animal welfare organisations. It is also known for animal welfare organisations, charities, barns, charities, and more.

Just as human life is valuable, animals are also creatures that value their lives. They must be given the opportunities and facilities to live in dignity. Those who care and protect animal rights are undoubtedly performing noble deeds. So if you need to consult an animal rights organisation, consider Hachogi Gau Shala in Surajkund, Faridabad .

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Gau Raksha Helpline Trust in Shakarpur, Delhi

Non-governmental organisations, commonly known as NGOs, are non-profit organisations that operate independently and without government interference. There are many types of NGOs, including operational, not-for-profit, community-based, and empowerment. These organisations play an important role in the development of society. They contribute to different areas of the community, such as the environment, children, the elderly and people with disabilities. If you are looking for a good NGO, Delhi he recommends contacting the Gau Raksha Helpline Trust in Shakarpur. Founded in 1947. Gau Raksha Helpline Trust is one of the most prominent NGOs known for its philanthropy and talented volunteers.

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Shahid Chaudhary Baktawar Singh Gau Seva Trust Ngo near Sector 46 Market and Vita Dairy, Opposite Adarsh Park, Delhi

Shahid Chaudhary Baktawar Singh Gau Seva Ngo in Delhi is one of the good charities. It is also known for NGOs, Animal Welfare Organizations, Charities, Charities, Charity Centers, Stray Animal Welfare Organizations and Animal Donation Centers. Shahid Chaudhary Baktawar Singh Gau Seva Trust Ngo was established in 2013 near Vita Dairy across from Sector 46 Market and Adarsh ​​Park in Delhi and is a best ngo organisation in Delhi. This respected facility serves as a one-stop destination serving customers from both the region and the rest of Delhi.

Shree Guru Gorakhnarnath Gau Seva Samiti in Habibpur Village, Noida, Delhi

Shree Guru Gorakhnarnath Gau Seva Samiti in Noida, Delhi is one of the leading animal welfare organizations. It is also known for animal protection groups and charities. So, if you need to consult an animal welfare organization, consider Shree Guru Goraknarnath Gau Seva Samiti in Habibpur Village, Noida. Overall rating for Shree Guru Gorakhnarnath Gau Seva Samiti is 4.3.

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